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Trauma Kit NOW! – Small by BFG

The Trauma Kit NOW! – SMALL is the newest med kit from Blue Force Gear. Designed in response to customers who loved the features and design of the TKN-MEDIUM but needed a smaller pouch. This MOLLE medical pouch is 30% smaller than the TKN-MEDIUM. The TKN-SMALL utilizes the single-motion pull out the top design of the original TKN but in the familiar size and format of a Double / Triple (stacked) M4 magazine pouch.

Click Here for some medical to stuff your pouch with!

Small Medical Kit for Trauma Injuries

The Trauma Kit NOW! – SMALL is a medical kit that holds all the necessary full-size lifesaving med supplies in the smallest footprint possible. Designed to hold all the lifesaving components of an issue IFAK kit following the MARCH protocol it has space for Massive bleeding, Airway, Respiratory, Circulation and Hypothermia treatment components.

The TKN! – SMALL medical pouch has two parts: the SHINGLE, which can be removed instantly by pulling up on the BLIP equipped handle, and the outer POUCH which attaches with the Helium Whisper Attachment System. This design allows for high-speed access to the inner contents while ensuring the pouch stays secure on your gear when not being used. Unlike other tactical medical kits on the market, you don’t have to choose between speed of access versus security of your medical gear.

Tactical Medical Kit Fill Levels – Options

The Trauma Kit NOW! – SMALL is offered with three medical supply levels and also as an empty pouch for those who wish to design their own load out. The TKN!-SMALL can be purchased with ESSENTIALS, PRO, and ADVANCED fill levels. ESSENTIALS (as one would guess from the name), is a basic tactical medical kit for the user with minimal training and is primarily outfitted for bleeding control. The PRO has the components of the ESSENTIALS while also offering a pair of chest seals. The ADVANCED option adds a Nasal Airway and a chest Decompression Needle.

High Speed Access to Med Supplies

The Trauma Kit NOW! line was built around the concept of security and high speed access to med supplies. With no zippers, buttons or side release buckles to fumble with in an emergency or when your hands are wet with blood. The shingle insert handle has a Ball Loaded Index Point (BLIP™) for tactile identification without the need to look at the pouch. The BLIP™ allows for the medical contents to be deployed easily with gloved hands in cold, dark, or wet environments.


Uses: Trauma Kit / IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

Installation: MOLLE Compatible Surfaces

Material: ULTRAcomp® High-Performance Laminate, Ten-Speed® Elastic, CORDURA® and TEX 70 bonded nylon thread

Size: W4.5″ x H7.5″ x D3″

Weight: 137 grams (empty)

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 4 in

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