Renata CR1225 3v Lithium Battery For Aimpoint ACRO P-1

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These CR1225 3v 48 mAh Lithium batteries from Renata for the Aimpoint ACRO P-1 and other devices. Also known as C1225, EBR1225, DL1225.

3.0-Volt lithium battery
5-year shelf life

Renata is a premier manufacturer of batteries for watches, calculators, pens, toys, computer, and many other hand held devices. Renata Button battery (Button or Coin) cells are at the top of the world with a reported failure rate of less than 1%.

Renata’s comprehensive assortment of over 40 different watch battery types, mostly of the silver oxide 1.55 V system, offers a suitable power source for any electronic device requiring an ultra-compact, long lasting, low voltage power source. Renata lithium batteries meet the highest quality standards and offer excellent reliability.

  • An optimized volume/capacity ratio
  • Dimensional precision and stability
  • High capacity retention on storage (low self-discharge)
  • Excellent reliability thanks to a uniformly high quality level
Battery Size: CR1225
Battery Capacity (mAh): 48
Battery Chemistry: Lithium
Battery Voltage: 3
Battery Terminal Type: Flat Top
Battery Shelf Life: 5 Years
Packaging: Tear Strip
Brand: Renata
Associated Battery Sizes:
1225, 1754, 5020LC, AWI L09, BR1225, CR1225, DL1225, LM1225, V1225
Height: 0.098″ 2.5 mm
Diameter: 0.49″ 12.5 mm
Chemistry: Lithium

Renata CR1225 CR1225 Lithium Coin Battery 1pc (Each) For use in:

  • Watches
  • Pagers
  • Memory backup
  • Keyless entry
  • Security devices
  • Calculators

Dimensions and Weight:

  • 12.5 mm x 2.5 mm
  • 0.8 g

Replaces: CR 1225, CR1225, DL1225, EBR1225, B1225,, BR1225, V1225, swiss army knife Cyber Tool. AWI L09 BR1225/BE, CR1225, HIMA TN 440000020, 1754 L28BBB, GuardPLC 1200, 1745 BAT, 1754 BAT
Tear Strip Quantity Disclaimer

Perfect for your Aimpoint ACRO P-1 sight!

Equivalent: Energizer CR1225, CR/BR1225, Rayovac CR1225, I.E.C CR1225

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