Surefire EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra MAX Full-Block Foam-Tipped

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SureFire earplugs were developed to protect military and law enforcement personnel from harmful sounds. In addition to offering protection, these filtered earplugs allow normal conversations to pass through. SureFire earplugs feature patented EarLock retention rings that provide a secure fit and all-day comfort.

  • EP10 Declaration of Conformity
  • Patented, foam-tipped earplugs that deliver superior hearing protection
  • Provide a 30-dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to protect against potentially harmful noise
  • Ideal for industrial, tactical and recreational applications

Choose Ultimate Protection. Want the most effective and most comfortable in-ear hearing protection available? EP10 Sonic Defenders® Ultra Max earplugs answer the call, providing the highest level of hearing protection made by SureFire — an extraordinary Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 30 dB. These “full-block” earplugs feature soft memory-foam Comply™ Canal Tips that seal in the ear canal, blocking out potentially harmful noises and providing all-day comfort. They are an excellent choice for industrial, tactical, recreational, and everyday applications where maximum protection against continual noise levels is desired and the ability to hear ambient sounds or conversations is not a priority. For affordable, non-electronic hearing protection that’s reusable and provides maximum protection, comfort, and retention, there’s no beating EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra Max.

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