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These ship FREE with EVERY order.Shipping rates:1-25: $6.45The National Center for Constitutional Studies has printed a special edition copy of The Constitution of the United States that has been proofed word for word against the original Constitution housed in the Archives in Washington, D.C. It is identical in spelling, capitalization and punctuation. This 48-page pocket sized booklet contains The Constitution of the United States (including The Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27) and The Declaration of Independence. Its dimensions are 3.25″ X 6.5″. On the front cover of this pocket Constitution there is a four-color picture of George Washington holding a quill in his hand, inviting each of us to pledge our support for and commitment to The Constitution of the United States by maintaining and promoting its standard of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. You are invited to: 1. Purchase multiple copies of this pocket Constitution and keep one with you; 2. Read The Constitution of the United States; 3. Sign the Constitution Pledge on the back cover of this pocket Constitution (see below); 4. Become fluent in your knowledge of the Constitution and correct principles of Government; 5. Give your family and friends a copy of this pocket Constitution and personally invite them to read and study the Constitution. Commit them to purchase copies of this Pocket Constitution and share them with their family and friends following the same pattern as above. – Publisher

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  1. B Arnold (verified owner)

    Excellent buy . I’m a senior with grandchildren that all don’t write in cursive because it’s been taken out of schools because it’s so called not needed or necessary to learn how to read and write cursive since everything is digital. With that being said my copy that is poster size is in cursive and not all my grands can read it . I was glad that the pamphlets were printed and good quality . Many thanx for making the pamphlets available for family and friends to share .

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