AKT1 Sport™ Premium Electronic Earmuff


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Sound amplification electronic earmuff designed for shooting sports.  Allows you to communicate easily, hearing better with them on than off your head, all while staying protected.

  • 6x amplification
  • Multi-Directional microphones for clear 360 degree situational hearing
  • 25 NRR
  • Soft hand-sewn memory foam cushions
    • Made of soft breathable material so you stay comfortable longer
    • Longest lasting cushions in the industry…seriously!
  • Secure, Custom headband
    • Hand-sewn mesh inserts to maximize air-flow and remain cool
    • Mesh-cut out on top to wear comfortably with a ball cap
    • Adjust from extra large to small, more range and secure fit than ever before
  • Passive and impact noise blocking for constant protection
  • Instant attack time, using compression technology to bring it down to 82 decibels.  Recovery based on when the surrounding environment comes back to safe level.
  • Gun-stock cut-out for use with long guns or hand guns
  • Rubber control knob to easily adjust noise levels up or down, even with gloved hands
  • 4 hour auto-shut off to conserve batter life
  • AUX input jack
Included in the box: 
  1. AKT1 Sport™ Electronic Earmuff
  2. Two AAA batteries
  3. Carrying Bag

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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